France Dubois unrelentingly explores spaces of intimacy; there is a small almost transparent border between dreams and reality, the visible and invisible, which stretches like a taut thread between the two universes, it takes one small step to cross to the other side, into different worlds.

Pictures tell the stories of the ups and downs of our lives, showing our capacity to move from one state to another. The photographer explores our capacity to transcend our weaknesses and emerge stronger from them in a constant process of renewal. Passing is gentler if it is bathed in light, sickness becomes a work of art, sadness is transformed into pure energy, the driving force of creativity.

France Dubois’ strength lies in her minimalist photographic style which has a powerful aesthetic appeal. The characters in her photographs appear fused with their environment, as if nature has given them the strength to overcome these moments of self-doubt, to reengage, to draw from a source of life, a symbol of rebirth. Weaving a universal story seen from her almost shameless view, France’s photographs thus reflect, honestly and poetically, our own most intimate lives.

Her work has been shown in Belgium (Recylart, Médiatine, Bozar) and abroad : New York Photo Festival, Kaunas Photo Festival (Lithuania), Itinéraires des Photographes Voyageurs (Bordeaux –France), Les Photaumnales (Beauvais – France), Les Transphotographiques (Lille – France), AIAV (Yamaguchi – Japon), Photo Art Fair (London – UK), Fotofabrik BNL-Bxl (Berlin –Germany).

Solo shows // selection

Norwegian Wood
2019 — K41, Brussels - Belgium
2018 — Chantiers Art House, Brussels - Belgium
Territoire fragile ou la vulnérabilité des corps
2016 — La Chapelle, Brussels - Belgium
Exhibition realized in partnership with "La Commission communautaire française de Belgique (Cocof)" and The Cultural Service of Ixelles
No Concept
2014 — Studio Kura, Fukuoka - Japan
Le son du silence
2013 — La Chapelle, Brussels - Belgium
2011 — Galerie Le Douze, Nantes - France
2010 — Cabinet Artistique Libre Choix, Brussels - Belgium

Exhibitions // selection

2020 — Maison du Peuple, Brussels - Belgium
Exhibition organized by the Musée d'Ixelles and the Culture Department of St-Gilles
2020 — Brussels - Belgium
FotoFest Meeting Place Paris
2019 — Galerie VU', Paris - France
Winner of the first Régnier Prize for Creation
Anatomnia, en duo avec Tamar Kasparian
2019 — La Chapelle, Brussels - Belgium
60 / 60
2019 — La Cambre Architecture, Brussels - Belgium
La Fusée de la Motographie
2018 — Le Bal, Paris - C/O, Berlin
The Family of No Man
2018 — Cosmos, Arles - France
Blurred, exhibition with Annabel Werbrouck
2016 — Fotofabrik Bnl-Bxl, Berlin - Germany
Itinéraires des photographes Voyageurs
2014 — Bordeaux - France
Le Prix Médiatine 2015
2015 — La Médiatine, Brussels - Belgium
2014 — LA(B) Galerie Artyfact, Paris - France
Extra Fort - Studio Marcel, show avec Sylvain Couzinet Jacques
2015 — Recyclart, Brussels - Belgium
40 œuvres pour le temps futur
2013 — Centre Culturel Jacques Franck, Brussels - Belgium
Les Photaumnales
2014 — Musée Départemental, Beauvais - France
Photo Art Fair London, sélection jeunes talents
2013 — The Victoria House, London - UK
Insides, artist residency
2013 — AIAV, Japon
The portrait : Up close and Personal
2012 — MPLS Photo Center, Minneapolis - USA
Prix Hamesse 2011
2013 — La Maison du Peuple, Brussels - Belgium
Prize of Photography
Les Transphotographiques
2011 — Palais Rameau, Lille - France
Provocation, New York Photo Festival
2011 — The PowerHouse Arena, New York - Etats-Unis
Duo and Duels, kaunas photo festival
2013 — The National M.K. Ciurlionis Art Museum, Kaunas - Lithuania
Summer Time
2010 — Galerie Caroline Vachet, Lyon - France
Révélation 4, foire de photographie contemporaine
2010 — Le Comptoir Général, Paris - France
Affordable Art Fair, young talents
2010 — Tour et Taxis, Brussels - Belgium

Résidences d'artistes

La Chapelle
2018 — Brussels - Belgium
Fotofabrik Bln-Bxl
2017 — Berlin, Germany
Varda Artists Residency
2016 — San Francisco, USA
Leveld Art Center
2015 — Al, Norway
Studio Kura
2014 — Fukuoka, Japan
Akiyoshidai International Art Village
2013 — Yamaguchi, Japan


2020 — Maison du Peuple - Belgium
Expo 60 / 60
2019 — La Cambre Architecture - Belgium
The World Artists Exhibition
2014 — AIAV - Japan
40 œuvres pour un temps futur
2013 — Centre Culturel Jacques Franck - Belgium
Les Photaumnales
2013 — France
AIAV Residence Program
trans_2012_213 — Japan
VISIT Parcours d’Artistes de Bruxelles Ville
2011 — Belgium


L'enfant, l'étoilement. Editions Elements de langage
mars 2020 — Brussels
Novel by Claire Ponceau, photographs by France Dubois
mai 2018 — Lyon
With a text from Astrid Chaffringeon
avril 2016 — Lyon
septembre 2015 — Dublin
Wild World Photobook
janvier 2015 — Berlin
La Lettre Photographique
2011 — Paris
Square Book
octobre 2011 — France / UK
Raise magazine
automne 2010 — Paris