There are two modalities in the approach to fear : fearing what is different, and fearing what is similar. There are two possible reactions to fear : either the radical reaction of rejection, or self-realization.
Strangeness has a connotative way, sometimes fascinating and worrying in twins : even between themselves and others than we, living amongst themselves and otherness like a manic ménage à trois, until the spinning brings on vertigo. The one and the other create a new category, from which the absence of determination creates new realtional articulations.
Taking away all decor or stylistic devices reinforces the strengh of the portraits ; even when isolating the models in relation to one another, she identifies them as unique subjects.
What comes out from her work is that what frightens us is, perhaps, less the doubled subject that the infinite questioning of the identity of the subject as such.

Texte from Kang Byung Ki