commissioned work for Fotofabrik BNL-BXL
with the financial support of Wallonie Brussels International

Reminiscence paints a portrait of Berlin through its habitants’ viewpoint. At first the goal wasn’t as much to return to the lived history of this city, but to focus on its denizens’ contemporary metropolis. However, the Second World War and the Cold War quickly came up in conversations, even with the youngest participants. A wall separating the East from the West seems to still symbolically exist within a lot of Berliners’ consciousness.

thomas schultz / Humboldt Bridge

mario landsmann / Neukolln

nanae suzuki / Trepton

felix forthmeijer - Fließstraße 18

sabine landschek / The Wall - Checkpoint Charlie

christine reudelsterz / Tempelhof Airport

matthias hagemann / Reichstag

bernd tobel / the door of brandebourg