Two trees that flower in turn, in a silent conversation imperceptible to humans, symbols of everything that appears, disappears and reappears. Nothing lasts, everything is repeated, France Dubois seems to say, observing the flowering of the same magnolia and the same cherry year after year, in a gesture that is not fixed but marks a cyclical rebirth that only spring allows.

Faced with these two trees, watching each other blossom one after the other in a wordless courtship, you might catch yourself dreaming of being a flower in the middle of the chaos of the world around you. The language of flowers translates the promise of eternal renewal, showing walkers, strollers and spectators how sweet it can be to forget yourself for a moment, perhaps in a dream of being nothing but a flower.

In this series with no beginning or end, the photographer bears witness to the passage of time, reminding us that everything is temporary, feather-light and uncertain, and that the apparent fragility of nature hides only an infinitely repeating cycle. Like love, like blossom, like the seasons.

Text by Marie Lemeland